NEW Magnum 19" Polished Front Brake Line 1741-4161 AS57619

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Part # - 1741-4161 AS57619 - NEW Magnum 19" Polished Front Brake Line 

Manufactured with an enhanced construction designed to be compatible with Harley-Davidson ABS requirements for stock and alternate length brake lines - designed to follow the same routing path as OEM lines
Brake kits consist of a direct fit lower assembly used in conjunction with alternative length upper lines
Braid color and weave match all MAGNUM control cables and brake lines - Crystal clear outer jacket offers exceptional protection against scuffing paint or chrome and will never discolor
Brake lines are constructed with PTFE inner tubing, DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber, premium Signature Magnum braids and an outer PVC jacket to greatly reduce line expansion
Upper, lower, mid brake line and adapter kits are sold separately to for a perfect fit.
Compliant with all DOT FMVSS-106 requirements
Assembled in the U.S.A.
DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.
Single disc Dyna and Sportster models use two kits – one upper and one lower.
Softail models utilize 3 kits (except '18+ dual disc), with the lower being optional on all. Upper kits are required for handlebar changes; by using either an upper brake line adapter or for '11 - '17 Softail models, the optional ABS Lower Brake Line Kit which includes the adapter.
Adapter for Softail models allows the upper brake line to complete the connection from the ABS controller ('11 - '17) or lower brake line ('18+) to the master cylinder
If replacing the stock lower brake line assembly on '18+ dual disc Softails, an adapter is NOT needed. Using AN-3 fittings, the upper line connects directly to the Magnum lower assembly
Dual disc Touring models use three kits - one upper, one lower and one mid-line.
Trike models use two kits - one upper and one mid-line. No lower is available.
A Designer mid-line and upper line is required for all Touring and Trike models with ABS. The mid-line connects to the upper brake line in the fairing or nacelle and completes the routing from the master cylinder to the ABS controller. A lower kit is optional.
Non-stock applications require taking a measurement for upper brake line length and banjo angle to ensure correct fitment (see How to Order)
Harley-Davidson motorcycles equipped with ABS (anti-lock brake system) require ABS specific upper and lower brake line kits. Failure to do so may result in compromised anti-lock braking ability. Magnum Shielding upper brake line kits manufactured specifically for these applications are identified with the letters “ABS” printed directly on the brake hose.
Upper line length for Softail, Dyna, and '14+ Sportster models is determined by using your stock OE master cylinder brake line as a guide. Pull the rubber boot back and measure from the point at which the soft, flexible line enters the crimp collar on the lower portion. Follow the brake line routing up to your master cylinder. (see diagrams below)
'18+ Softail – Upper line replacement when reusing the stock lower brake line. (adapter required) Lengths are determined by using the stock master cylinder line for a guide. Measure from the lower brake line manifold where the upper line attaches, up to the master cylinder. From that measurement subtract 1.5” for the adapter and round up to the next number to determine upper line length. (see diagram below)
'18+ Softail Single Disc Upper and Lower line replacement requires an adapter. (3 kits)
Adapter is NOT needed when replacing both the Upper and Lower '18+ Softail Dual Disc brake lines. (2 Kits) The upper line connects directly to the Magnum Designer dual disc lower brake line. Follow the above instruction without subtracting 1.5” for the adapter. Rounded up, the length measured will be correct.
Upper line length for Touring and Trike models is measured using the 49" mid-line as a reference to determine additional line length needed to complete the routing from the ABS controller to the master cylinder. That measurement will be your upper line length.

Please look closely at pictures and decide condition and fitment for yourself.