New Old Stock- Open Package

Part: Steel Front Sprocket Renthal 344--525-15P

1997 Ducati ST2
1998 Ducati ST2
1999 Ducati ST4
1999 Ducati ST2
2000 Ducati ST2
2000 Ducati ST4
2001 Ducati Monster S4
2001 Ducati ST4S
2001 Ducati ST4
2001 Ducati ST2
2002 Ducati ST2
2002 Ducati Monster S4
2002 Ducati ST4S
2003 Ducati ST4S
2003 Ducati ST4
2003 Ducati ST2
2004 Ducati ST4S
2005 Ducati ST4S
2005 Ducati ST4S ABS

Product Description
Front sprockets are made from case-hardened nickel chromoly steel
Front sprockets feature self-cleaning grooves to clear mud and increase sprocket life

Please look closely at pictures and decide condition and fitment for yourself.

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