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Part # PJ1 5-20 Foam Filter Air Filter Oil Treatment Spray

PJ1 FOAM AIR FILTER OIL SPRAY protects high performance engines from costly repairs by improving the performance of all types of foam filters. With its NEW, SUPER TACKY formulation, sand, grit and other abrasive particles harmful to internal engine parts, are removed from intake air. This improved product is both water repelling and non-settling.



  • Improved, no waste and easy to use
  • Water repellant and non-settling
  • Improved performance and efficient air flow
  • Filters grit & sand



  1. Clean filter with PJ1 AIR FILTER CLEANER SPRAY and dry filter thoroughly. PJ1 FOAM AIR FILTER OIL spray should be shaken thoroughly and applied liberally to the inner and outer surfaces.
  2. Spray at room temperature in an area with adequate ventilation. DO NOT APPLY AT TEMPERATURES BELOW 70°F (21°C).
  3. Gently knead filter while spraying with filter oil. Filter is properly oiled when oil is visible on all surfaces.
  4. If clogging develops, remove spray tip with a twisting motion and clean. DO NOT stick pin or other objects into can. Gently replace spray tip with a twisting motion with top of can and spray tip opening pointing away from you.


Fitment catalogs are auto generated and are for reference only. Please look closely at pictures and decide condition and fitment for yourself.

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