New Old Stock - Genuine Harley Davidson

NOS Genuine Harley V-Rod Valve Shim Tappet Bulk Lot

Harley Part #
4x 18632-01K
2X 18675-01K
1X 18638-01K
1X 18676-01K
4X 18655-01K
4X 18679-01K
4X 18639-01K
4X 18680-01K
5X 18658-01K
3X 18659-01K
3X 18684-01K
3X 18694-01K
3X 18695-01K
1X 18686-01K
3X 18702-01K
1X 18666-01K
3X 18667-01K
2X 18629-01K
1X 18670-01K
1X 18628-01K
1X 18671-01K
3X 18672-01K
4X 18630-01K      

Fitment catalogs are auto generated and are for reference only. Please look closely at pictures and decide condition and fitment for yourself.

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